Membrane Lamination Machine

Function: Laminates cards for production process of Rapid diagnostic Test kits

Model No: LS-01

The device membrane machine is designed for in-line processing of lateral flow device. It laminates three adhesive tapes on the blank card with automatic

“Reel to Reel” feeding. The salient features are,

  • Automatic feeding of blank card from the reel.

  • Servo stepper motor for accurate indexing.

  • Automatic De-tapping for cellulose membrane.

  • Laminates cellulose membrane on the card.

  • Accurate maintaining of gap between the tapes throughout the process.

  • Cutting of device card to the required length.

  • Easy operating and quick change over time.

Model No: LS-02

In addition to all the features of it preceding model, this equipment has touch screen panel, alarm indicator and adjustable guides for setting different sizes of backing cards.

  • Machine Size: Length 1500 x Width 600 x Height 1000

  • Machine Weight: 300 kg

  • Air Supply: 5-6 bar clean compressed air, 4 LPM

  • Electric Supply:220 volt single phase

  • Card size : 60-100 mm width

  • Output: 9-11 cards per minute.

Model No: LS-03

This model is advance and versatile due to its in-built reel slitting feature, it slits the blank card reel according to the required gaps between taps while continuous feeding to the lamination process.