Guillotine Shear Cutter

Function : Slits laminated card into thin strips used as Rapid Diagnostic Test Strips

Model No: GS-01

Electrical Motor powered PLC based standard guillotine shear for cutting of absorbent pads with HMI. Manually loading of sheets for cutting.

  • Card size 2.5mm thick x 300 mm width max.

  • Strip cutting size can vary to 2 to 325 mm.

  • Strip size can be cut to one decimal i.e. 4.1, 4.2 etc.

  • Speed 200-300 pcs. per minute.

  • Speed & feed can be varied by manual input in the HMI.

  • Auto stop after desired quantity.

  • Safety cover with sensor for stopping/ starting of machine during operation.

  • Single phase 15 ampere, 220 volts electrical supply required.

  • Machine size 540 x 570 x 400 high; weight 10 Kgs.

Model No: GS-R02

Guillotine shear with Reel to Reel feeding

    • This model has an add-on feature, “Reel to Reel” feeding for automatic and continuous feeding of cards. Remaining all features are same as Model GS-01

Model No: GS-W03

Programmable Guillotine shear for cutting of wide diagnostic cards

  • All parameters are programmable such as cutting speed, card feed and strips cut size.

  • Adjustable guides to set different width of wide cards.

  • Maximum 300mm wide card can be cut with accuracy.

Model No: GS-05

Advanced and improved version of its preceding make. In addition to all its previous feature, this model is capable to cut any card from narrow to wide size up to 300 mm. width.

  • Higher cutting speed than its preceding model.

  • Nylon Pressure Roller for guiding and applying constant pressure while automatic feeding, as a result it gives accurate indexing of the card.

  • Changeable cutting blades provided to minimize the production down time