Kit Assembly Machine

Function : Assembles two plastic halves of Rapid Diagnostic Cassette

Model No: SKA-01

Semi-automatic kit assembly machine is designed to assemble two halves (plastic cassettes) of the Rapid Diagnostic kit. The salient features of this equipment are,

  • Assembles two kits at time (double row) to increase the productivity.

  • Automatic and hassle free pick and place mechanism.

  • Accurately pressing of two halves to get finish assembled kit.

  • Assembled kits are transferred by means of output conveyor to the next packaging line.

  • Manual feeding of plastic halves or cassettes.

Model No: SKA-02

With an add-on featured unit, automatic bowl feeder is attached to machine SKA-01. This synchronizes automatic and continuous feeding of kit cassette halves to the kit assembly machine.

Model No: SKA-04

Kit Roll Pressing machine followed by partially assembled process, this ensures the required pressure and avoid any gap between the two halves of the kits.

Feeding system is manual and then it is passed through the rubber rollers, gap and pressure adjustment setting is available on rollers and can be set according to thickness of the kit and required pressure in assembly

SKA-04 with Add-on feature

Provides extra guides for feeding more than two kits at a time