Customized Automation

Automation for Bio-Medical Engineering

Customized, Reel to Reel feeding for Membrane Lamination

Customized Guillotine shear for long cards

Assembly Automation for Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits

One-side Open Pouch Packaging Automation

X-ray Cassettes Assembly Automation

Assembled X-Ray Cassette

X-ray Cassettes parts for Assembly Automation

X-ray cassette Assembly Machine

Assembly Automation for Automobile Engine

Oil Pan Prior to assembly on conveyor

Cylinder Head prior to Assembly on conveyor

CNC controlled, automatic bolt tightening machine for cylinder head and oil pan of the engine

Power head of the machine locates and clamps the Engine for automatic bolt tightening operation

Hydro-mechanical tilting equipment (Downender)

Heavy film roll material handling automation

Heavy film roll tilting from vertical to horizontal position without external clamping

Hydro-Mechanical Film roll Downender

Downender tilts the heavy film roll from vertical to horizontal

Material handling with press tool application for radome